Thursday, April 28, 2016

Don't Forget to Enjoy the Journey of Planning!

The Parties Before The Big Day!

One of the biggest things wedding planners hate to hear is when couples are "stressed" and "are not enjoying the planning".  There is a lot more to a wedding than just the day of.  Think of all of the exciting events that come prior to the wedding day: 

This is where you can show off being a "fiance" and that fabulous bling! 

Engagement shoots are a fun way to bond with each other and express yourself in fun ways.
We tend to see Save the Dates come out of these shoots!
What Bride doesn't love to be showered with love and
gifts from all of their close family & friends? 

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties!
This is the last fun trip with all of your besties before you become an official Mr. & Mrs.

The rehearsal dinner is the last night you are a single woman or man, what better
way to enjoy it then with all of your closest friends & family!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mixing up Colors and Styles of Bridesmaid's Dresses

Does Everyone Need to Match?

As we all know weddings are straying away from being traditional.  
One of the biggest trends right now is having every bridesmaid in a different dress or different color dress. From the photos below you can see their are plenty of ways to express your style, theme, and color palette.

This photo shows the bridesmaids in the same fabric & color, but the dress design is different.  This allows for every bridesmaid to pick a dress that compliments their figure while still matching with everyone in the wedding party. 

This photo portrays all of the bridesmaids in completely different dresses, styles, & colors- yet they all work very nicely together.  This again allows the bridesmaids to pick a dress that compliments their body type as well as their style.  The bride had the bridesmaids keep with her theme and color palette while looking for the perfect dress.

This bride did not have a particular color palette in mind when having the bridesmaids choose their dresses.  She kept with the pastel tones, but every girl was able to pick a different color from the rainbow!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Customized Ice Luges in Cocktail Hour

Who doesn't love a creative ice luge?!

Cocktail Hour is a great time to showcase you and your new wife/husband's personality in the form of ice!  Martini Ice luges can be a fun, interactive portion of your Bar during Cocktail Hour.  

 Check out this Lucy The Elephant Ice luge from a June Wedding a few years ago.  Since the couple had a soft spot for Margate, New Jersey, they incorporated the iconic elephant in their Cocktail Hour!

This Fall 2010 wedding had a Pumpkin Spice Martini as the signature drink, so the couple's choice for an autumn leaf design for their Ice Luge was a perfect match!  And the couple decided to personalize the luge with their names and wedding date - adorable!

A very popular design at the moment are Anchors. This couple personalized the base with their  initials and wedding date.  Ask Kristin or Carly how to add the Martini Ice Luge to your Cocktail Hour for an extra special experience for you and your guests!